18 04 2010

Concepts for this project go back to a competition entry I did for Re:Vision in 2007.



In the BMW commissioned report “The secret life of cars and what they reveal about us” (2007), it demonstrated sustainable transport is challenged to compete against a strong cultural/emotional attachments to cars. Specifically, with cars –
• people like the control and speed (control of route)
• people like to personalize their space (music, sing, eat, talk)
• people like the refuge and privacy of cars (intimate/ individual experiences)

Public transport appears polar opposite to these ideas – no control of timing/route, public space, and no privacy. In doing things like listening to Ipods on transport, people are appropriating their space, and bringing in some of the elements we enjoy about our cars (personal space, refuge, music)

But at the same time, public transport off ers unique opportunities that cars can never off er –
– the opportunity to meet strangers/chance encounters with friends
– the opportunity to be ‘hands free’ – to work, to read, to knit etc
– the opportunity to not be in control (no stress of driving)

The PODs idea promotes more sustainable public transport use, by maximising EXPERIENCE. It seeks to combine the best of public transport and cars (combines both community and private spaces), and seeks to change the community/cultural attachments to how we think about public transport.

There are 2 basis ideas:
– Short Term PODs which is about retrofitting the interiors of any existing public transport. This is a range of ideas that allow for private space, community interaction and enhanced travel experience.
– Long Term PODs which is about retrofitting whole networks of public transport. This is a range of attachable and detachable PODs which allow for speed and flexibility in movement.




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