Social Media and Transit

20 04 2010

DOWNLOAD PDF (scan) img-2051605-0001

This was an entry into Spacing Magazine’s Toronto ideas competition (2009).  Amy Mamtura, Cristina Matei and Esther Hung, fourth-year students in the York University/Sheridan Institute Joint Program in Design, are applying their communication design training to devise real-world solutions in the public sphere. . It is social networking for subway users.

I definitely see the benefits of online social networking – especially when I’m overseas and keeping intouch via facebook and emails.  It was also important in trying to create community and interest in PARK(ing) Day.  But increasingly I wonder how you translate that into action and physical meeting – which was hit and miss with PARK(ing) Day.   Digital interaction is easier, it makes us lazy, real action takes some work.  It’s like online dating, eventually you have to meet up in person.

I was talking to my friend Ayla on the phone. I wrote to her – “I was reading GOOD magazine, neighborhood issue – the writer describes borrowing some nails – “in a time when text messaging, email and status updates have even made a phone call seem pushy, a knock on the door feels downright aggressive”. Sad but kind of true, I email before call.  It made me think.  I think this is why I like your calls too –  noone really calls enough”

No one really talks enough.




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