Why Not Talk?: Introverting

20 04 2010

In a conversation, my friend Paul K described his walk home as the “calm between the storms that awaited him”.

The space in between is sometimes called the “third realm” or public realm by urban designers.  Public transport to me it part of that.

People can enjoy that calm of nothing in these spaces.

It is a time to tune out, to slow down, and to not be bothered by anyone.

In my Landmark course, I became aware all of our relationships are based on “needing” something out of people.
Whether it is support, an answer, piece of work, a product, an exchange, food.
There is someone always wanting something from us in all the roles we play in life.  Vice versa, we are also demanding of people in our lives

I realized of late, when I have been exhausting and annoying to people when I needed too much.
Sadly at times, some aspects of our lives (classically work) can be demanding of us.
Being needed all the time can feel tiring and that’s why we like to introvert, and not be bothered.

We talk and extrovert all day, that the commute becomes the calm.

Putting on music and escaping the world on a bus is a way to introvert.

I don’t expect everyone should, could, would want talk on transit through this project.  It is more about having an outlet for those who might wish to.




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