Friendliness= Resilence

9 10 2010

As part of the Unlimited Design Triennial,  I attended the Emergent City Workshop.  In this, there was a short talk by a lady from Green Cross, who work to address issues of climate change in the community.  One of the great things she described was that friendliness and knowing neighbours was how communities would be resilient to climate issues in the future.  An example she gave was a groups of residents in Victoria who was able to save 40 homes during the bushfire crisis. When interviewed, the guy said they were able to do this because “they knew their neighbours”.  They knew who people were and the resources and skills they had, to then be able to quickly formulate effective and appropriate actions.   She later described this idea of “neighbours” in the regional sense too.  It is our Asia Pacific neighbouring countries who are set to be some of the hardest hit with climate change/sea level rise.  Our friendliness towards these people/countries will determine the resilience of our region.

Talking, friendliness and knowing our neighbours makes us better equipped to deal with things.
It seems true when applied to issues of crisis and climate, but consider it also at a city, suburban and/or street block level.  Friendly communities have such potential to band together for shared interests and addressing common concerns.  At a more individual level, friendliness and having someone else to talk to, also helps us be resilient and deal with whatever is going on.

Friendliness = Resilience



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