We may soon have nothing to say

15 10 2010

I spotted this on my walk along the Toowong bikeway, stenciled on what I think was a electricity box.

I found it sweet.  “We may soon have nothing to say, so while I can, I want to say, I love you”

“I just wanted to say…I love you” is also one of the statements on the RBHW panels.  It’s not a phrase I especially remember hearing or using a lot – that is not to say my family isn’t incredible loving, we just don’t express it in that way.   In the broader context, I imagine for most people – the L word,  feels either the easiest thing to say to someone (eg. to family) or the scariest thing to say to someone (eg. first in a relationship).  At the time of early project development, while doing my Landmark course, it was a time when I felt for the first time I was able to say that to people in my life, in ways I hadn’t before.




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