Launch Party Invite – 10 December

15 11 2010

It’s been a year in development, and the ribbon cutting is soon upon us.
Like most design projects, there is a thrill is to see it complete and hand it over to the public, and trust we did our best.
The time has come, to cross the fingers, wish it luck and let it go.  To just stand back and watch how it might inspire different levels of participation and interest.

Be the first to see the artwork at the “launch party”

Please come hang out at a bus stop with us!!


Friday 10 December

Royal Brisbane Hospital Busway stop (inbound side)

Bowen Bridge Rd

5:30pm – 6:30pm
– Visit RBH Busway Stop (Participate in the art by sitting and talking)
– Get on bus to Normanby Stop
6:30pm onwards
– Beers at Normanby Hotel

1) I just wanted to say….THANK YOU

This is also a special note and thanks to those from Toronto and New York who supported the work in early project development, comments, encouragement and/or Williamsburg Walks part in June 2010.

Amazing thanks to Steve for great design collaboration, and speech bubble genius.  For the concept and design development contributions – big props especially to Paul K for some great honest feedback, Julia for first mapping, and Dom for challenging me on interactivity and LEDs.
Thanks to all those who commented and supported through facebook, emails, other – Brett, Anita, Ben, Chi, Ayla, Justin, Elise, Jamaica, Amy, Kamilla, Amanda, Rachel, Phuong, Mark, Tristan, Bintan, Lan, Josh, Paul S, Stacey, Cath, Medina, Charlie, Morgan, David, Kate, Mark D, Leah, Chris, Liam and Lorella. To Paul D for inspiring many reflections about honest expression. Thanks to David E for the original idea inspiration many years ago and the Re:Vision Competition, and for IwB’s ‘How do you see the Street” work which helped get through me in the EOI rounds. Though it never quite scaled out as ambitiously as once imagined, I thank the support and conversations I could have with QUT Urban Informatics (Marcus & crew), Translink (Grant) and Brisbane Transport/Infrastructure (Alan, Michael, Gail, Stephen).  This work is about connecting people, and I deeply thank my community of supporters and friends.


This art work marks my continued interest in public space activation and building community connections, as well as how we might use creative outlets to explore critical urban planning and policy issues.

It actually changed a bit in concept design and ended up exploring 2 levels of meaning and conversations – reflecting what was happening in my world in the last year.

A) Personal Connections & Conversations

Design development was happening in a transforming time in my personal life when I was opening up to friends and family, and sharing many deep feelings and thoughts – things “I just wanted to say..” but hadn’t.    I had read recently that emotional honesty is sharing the nice lovey stuff but also the hard spikey stuff too, both take some bravery and vulnerability to do.  I definitely keep learning in this space – definitely my honesty has backfired on me – but generally as in the artwork – I support a positive belief that if you have something to say (a feeling, an idea, etc) then it is worth at least voicing because when it sparks, it can bring power, insight, peace and clarity to situations.  Really unexpected things and inspirations can happen out of honest conversations.

The artwork celebrates conversations as the primary way we share ourselves, connect, show support, how we collaborate, how we learn, how we inspire each other, and how we move our worlds forward.  Conversation and listening is probably the most generous gift we can give each other.

B) Community Connections & Conversations

From the original urban planning space – I’m still a believer that talk amongst neighbours and conversations with communities in design processes is absolutely necessary for creating great places.  This artwork was also being developed around the end time of a street furniture project I did with Sustainable South Bronx.  During this period, there was an especially firey passionate piece of honesty from one of the other designers questioning the community design process/outcomes.   I don’t have the words anymore, but more remembering how I had so admired the bravery to speak up. It catalyzed new opportunities and conversations for me.

In this same spirit, more people speaking up and speaking together – be that designers, planners, politicians, and community etc-  I think remains critical to achieving more community ownership, effective solutions and design leadership in the shaping of our urban environments.  Conversations and collaborations help make better cities!

I just wanted to say...that I hope to talk to some of you at the bus stop!



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