Random Stranger Conversations

9 12 2010

6:30-7pm, Subway, Charlotte St.  A random conversation.

I was grabbing something to eat before art class.  She was in her 60’s and going to go to St Stephen’s Church to meet her neighbour.  She asked to sit next to me, and she asked about my views of the bike share across the road.  I described how I was for it and she told me she felt too old for it.  She had told me of a time of having last ridden a bike in Spain.
It spun into a conversation about Europe cities, travel and her and her husband doing”house exchanges”.  Something I had previously looked at and intrigued how it worked.   She told me of being robbed in Europe and emergency credit cards. The cleanliness of cities.  She expressed a desire to visit the US and I had mentioned my time in US/Canada.  When I explained I was doing art classes, we then talked about classes and creativity.  She mentioned sewing, and I then shared it was some thing I too had basic skills in.  We talked about learning in classes and quilting.  I had never done it but had in the past been intrigued. She ended up gave me her business card to get in touch about craft groups.  We introduced ourselves at the end of the conversation, not at the start.
I finished my 6 inch pizza sub, and she finished her sub.  We had places to be anyway.

We parted pleasantly on the street.
It set the mood for the rest of the night, as I found myself next talking to a guy in the stairwell on the way to my art class.  He had asked if I was going to the same class.  There were lots more strangers I then talked to in my class.

Brisbane, you really are friendly.



One response

9 12 2010

Hey cool story. Have you been in that church? It’s very peaceful.

Story from tonight – walking home from bus and there was a brass band and dancers playing in a garage down the road. They were a band touring with a NZ rugby team… one of their friends was a Council bus driver so had chartered a bus to bring them out to Stafford Heights… better than U2 : )

So I’m standing there listening and then Mary comes down the road with Lucy (the dog) to have a listen!

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