Repost: I Just Wanted to Say on GoGet

13 01 2011

Thanks to Sky for letting me know about this.
Repost: “I just wanted to say” got featured in GoGet’s January Newsletter.

Quick Question:
When sitting next to a stranger on the bus, and another seat becomes available, do you:
a) always move to the empty seat as soon as possible?

b) sometimes move away, depending on your mood?

c) want to move away, but stay seated because you don’t want them to think you’re rude?

d) never move away, because you love talking to strangers?

We have no doubt that as GoGet members are such a friendly and community minded bunch of people you answered d)!

So you’ll probably be over the moon with a project called “I just wanted to say” that aims to get us all chatting.

Now we have all seen the signs designating “priority seating for the disabled” which helps to create a culture of courtesy.  However, the creators of “I just wanted to say” have – in order to encourage a “culture of friendliness” in our public spaces – created the following sign:

Any members who would like signs to stick up in their local public spaces, you can download them here.

So to all you grumps out there who answered a), keep an eye out for these signs and stay well away!


P.S GoGet is the carshare that Brisbane needs!! ….Don’t get me started how I sold my car with the desire to use car share, only to find coming back from Toronto that in fact the carshare scheme that had started disappeared partly because of BCC disputes.  I’ve seen it operate so well in other dense cities (with zip car in Toronto and New York), and think it is an important addition to any city’s transit choices.  Happy to say as part of encouraging higher density and transit oriented developments, I hear talk of smaller/body-corp car share schemes being investigated by developers on demonstration sites in Brisbane. It’s a start…



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