Artwork Closes.

10 03 2011

This artwork officially closes at RBH this week, but this project remains “open” here. 

I haven’t had the guts or time to implement certain parts of the project fully (namely the conversation starting at RBH), but overall I’m happy for the experience and have enjoyed some of the unexpected discoveries I have made along the way.   It was challenging at times in many ways.  On a personal note, this project confronted me with my own introvertedness, and the times in my life when I have held back speaking up.  

At the end, I’m not sure how many conversations it really started.  But as an art work that might not be the point or measure of success.  I hope if nothing else, it make someone laugh or sparked a thought from someone.

Thanks to those who have supported me and this project. 

I find ideas tend to stick around in my head, and I’m sure version 3.0 of this idea might pop back up sometime, somewhere.



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