Joke QR Train Etiquette Posters

16 05 2012

Via Courier Mail: Joke QR Train Etiquette Posters 

QUEENSLAND Rail’s online train etiquette campaign has become the butt of internet jokes with parodies of the “polite” posters going viral.

In a twist similar to that experienced by the notorious “Qantas luxury” Twitter competition, commuters have embraced the invitation to “personalise the etiquette posters” and post them on social media sites.

Many have taken the opportunity to highlight some of QR’s failings.

One banner takes a dig at Premier Campbell Newman.

“Jim waited five years for a train. But it never came. Because Campbell spent all the money on tunnels.”

Some of the posters have attracted more than 600,000 views on Twitter.

The posters have even caught the attention of New York City bloggers who have pronounced the “Jim sits on the train, his feet are on the floor” message the “most polite train etiquette poster ever”.

“If that was in the NYC subway, I don’t even want to imagine what substances would be clinging and dripping from it,” noted the blogger.

Although Queensland Rail is aware of the fun being had at its expense, a spokesman said it was pleased the campaign had created so much interest and discussion.

“The etiquette campaign has encouraged customers to be aware of their own behaviour and think about what is socially acceptable behaviour while on the City network,” he said.

“Since its launch in September 2011, our campaign has sparked a lot of interesting discussion on train etiquette faux pas.”




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