BMW Guggenheim Lab

8 09 2012

I’m excited to be picked as part of the “City Forward” project!

Via press release –

This summer, GOOD and the BMW Guggenheim Lab launched a worldwide, online call for imaginative and unconventional ways to improve urban comfort. As part of the collaborative City Forward initiative, members of the public were invited to propose changes to a public space of their choice, taking into consideration the community, environment, architecture, landscape, and other elements that would shape the experience.

Curator Maria Nicanor has now selected the five top ideas listed here from the total of one hundred twenty submissions that came in from twenty-one countries. Each of the five will be featured on the GOOD and BMW Guggenheim Lab websites, social media channels, and in the Lab’s e-newsletter. In addition, the BMW Guggenheim Lab will work with each of the selected designers to further explore their idea.

“The goal of the BMW Guggenheim Lab is to explore and inspire forward-thinking ideas for urban life,” says Nicanor. “We are thrilled by the response we received to the City Forward initiative from citizens around the world. The selected ideas were chosen for their originality, resourcefulness, and potential, and we are interested to see what might happen next.”

Yen Trinh, Brisbane
Conversations in public spaces present endless possibilities to build connections, create community, and make life more interesting. This submission suggests displaying signs designating “priority seating for people who want conversation” in trains, buses, and other modes of public transportation to foster a culture of friendliness.




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