Train Roulette App

18 05 2014

“Sharing personal space with strangers is an unavoidable part of commuting by public transit. And ignoring the passengers around us is a proud and longstanding tradition for American city-dwellers.

But social scientists have begun to investigate whether this is a wasted opportunity….

Collectively, this work suggests that we should consider at least an occasional chat with a random stranger, and that technology, rather than hindering such connections, may be able to facilitate them…..

So what if technology could actually be enlisted to catalyze connections with the strangers around us? An app called Train Roulette, so far only available in Australia, aims to do just that.

Historically, the Internet has connected people who had common interests but were separated by geography. Train Roulette inverts that function: It connects people who may not have anything in common, but are in the same place”

Read the full article via Next City

Download Train Roulette (QUT)

*Thanks to Dave for the link




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