Take A Seat & Make a Friend

26 04 2013



Subway “flight” attendants (Toronto)

5 03 2013

Adding more to the public transport experience, Improv in Toronto took to the subway equipped as “flight” attendants ready to serve weary travellers.

“Our mission was simple, transform the old every day nature of riding the subway into a luxury flight experience, making it more a comfortable, enjoyable, and eventful ride …We went and offered these amenities to each of the riders, hopefully making this particular subway ride, a memorable one.”

Via BlogTO.

Talking Stumps

16 06 2012

Via Pop-Up City: Talking Stumps – Starting Conversations in Public Spaces

Two stump-like structures outfitted with walkie-talkies inside and a button on top that implores the passerby to ‘press to talk’ to a complete stranger on the other side of the park.

‘Branch Out’ is a lovely reminder of the importance of strangers and our interactions with them: most of the people we encounter on a daily basis are completely new to us, and it’s worth remembering that our conversations with them are important, too.

L-train Luncheon

3 04 2012

Via Cool Hunting : Passengers aboard NYC’s L train were recently treated to a six-course lunch as they rolled across Manhattan, under the East River and into Williamsburg, each stop adding to the food frenzy. Cooked up by the crafty chefs behind A Razor, A Shiny Knife, the luncheon included an elegant array of dishes, including foie gras and filet mignon, as well as a pyramid of chocolate panna cotta, dusted with gold leaf. Guests—who paid $100 for a reservation—were given no information apart from “the promise of a clandestine dining experience.”

Yellow Bench Project

15 02 2012

A project supported by Dublin City Council, via All About Ideas : http://allaboutideas.co.uk/2012/02/08/bringing-ideas-to-life-the-yellow-bench-movement/

Thanks to Tim for the link

Bus Stop into Living Rooms

20 04 2011


In France IKEA is filling select metro waiting areas with comfortable couches and interior design-themed wallpapers. Glowing signs, bus plans and route maps are all fit into the surrounding designer themes and look like intentional wall art within each scene. While some of the elements are (by necessity) simply two-dimensional representations, the sofas are real and certainly a warm and plush alternative to a cold hard bench.

Library Bus

18 03 2011


An awesome colourful bus owned by the Swedish Library Association, which visits 32 villages weekly.