Montreal’s Familar Strangers

5 05 2015

A great article showing data about bus user frequencies and the possible social nature of different bus routes.

‘Familiar strangers are people we encounter often, but ignore. Even in enormous cities, our regular routines have us running into them all the time. But while the “concept” of familiar strangers is interesting, it’s rather difficult to quantify. Still, we wondered: is it possible to retrace the steps of an entire city to figure out who met who? Yes — it is.

(Hattip to David)

Words I Never Said

18 03 2011

I’m enjoying the new Lupe Fiasco album, and always did admire his lyrics. “Words I Never Said” is more a political statement, but had found some of the words also relate to things we don’t say in our more personal interactions and conversations

[Skylar Grey – Chorus]
It’s so loud inside my head
With words that I should have said!
As I drown in my regrets
I can’t take back the words I never said, never said
I can’t take back the words I never said

[Lupe Fiasco – Verse 3]
I think that all the silence is worse than all the violence
Fear is such a weak emotion thats why I despise it
We scared of almost everything, afraid to even tell the truth
So scared of what you think of me, I’m scared of even telling you
Sometimes I’m like the only person I feel safe to tell it to
I’m locked inside a cell in me, I know that there’s a jail in you
Consider this your bailing out, so take a breath, inhale a few
My screams is finally getting free, my thoughts is finally yelling through

Conversation Meals at The School of Life

19 02 2011

Via School of Life-

Forget what your parents told you about not talking to strangers. We regularly host meals in which strangers (just as initially hesitant, shy, and yet curious as you are) come together in unique spaces in London to explore experiences, ideas, regrets and aspirations with the help of some of the big thinkers of the past.

We think that knowing how to have entertaining and meaningful conversations is a skill worth practising, so we provide diners with a specially-designed conversation menu inspired by the ideas of history’s movers and shakers that ensures you don’t end up talking about the congestion charge or nervously reaching for the diminishing bread basket.

Come alone or with a friend, and expect the sort of stimulating and heart-warming conversations we have all dreamt of having, but so rarely do.

One of their past events was “Curry with Ghandi” – conversation and themed food! = awesome idea

It’s the unexpected that changes our lives

16 02 2011

Via Image Quotes  –

It’s the unexpected that changes our lives


How about you talk to me first.

your life is a story

16 02 2011

Via We Heart It –

Your Life is a Story

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someone to talk to

16 02 2011

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Sometimes, I just need someone to talk to.

loud thoughts

16 02 2011

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My thoughts were so loud I couldn’t hear my mouth