This project explores the idea of friendlier cities and public transport and public seating as social spaces

On public transport, typical signs designate “priority seating for the disabled” to help create a culture of courtesy.  Similarly, for this project, signs designating “priority seating for people who want conversation” seeks to help create a culture of friendliness.    Conversations in public spaces present endless possibilities to build connections, create community, and just make someone’s day a bit more interesting. Through the website participants can map conversations, and put up their own signage to shed light on where the community would like to have conversation priority seating in the future

Friendliness is contagious.  Pass it on.

This commissioned work opens at RBH Busway Station from December 2010- March 2011.

It has also been adapted for Williamburg Walks, an event that is intended to make attendees rethink their public space.  (New York, 26-27th June 2010).  The project can be expanded globally, with signage and conversations encouraged where ever the community wants.

This project was developed by Yen Trinh, with graphic design support provided by Steven Rhodes.