Edmonton’s Buddy Benches

1 07 2017


The City of Edmonton is hoping more citizens will sit down and chat with a stranger on their new Buddy Benches, which were unveiled Tuesday and will be placed throughout the city.

“It’s for people like me who get lonely when they retire and they don’t have anybody to talk to,” said Dianne Kuntz, whose grandchildren came up with the idea.

The benches are part of a pilot project partnership with CITYlab and were unveiled at Churchill Retirement Residence on Tuesday.




Other Edmonton works –
Yellow is for Hello/  The Friendship Bench – http://www.metronews.ca/news/edmonton/2017/03/24/university-hopes-benches-spark-mental-health-discussions-.html



BART Swings (SF)

10 09 2016

“It’s such a ripe environment for some sort of joy or fun or connection to take place, just because it’s such a mundane experience and often seen as a negative thing,” says San Francisco-based artist Hunter Franks. “People see it as slow or noisy or dirty, so it seemed like an ideal place to add some vibrancy and some fun.”

Great work c/o Fast Company – https://www.fastcoexist.com/3063483/would-you-take-a-ride-on-a-swing-on-the-subway/7 

Montreal’s Familar Strangers

5 05 2015

A great article showing data about bus user frequencies and the possible social nature of different bus routes.

‘Familiar strangers are people we encounter often, but ignore. Even in enormous cities, our regular routines have us running into them all the time. But while the “concept” of familiar strangers is interesting, it’s rather difficult to quantify. Still, we wondered: is it possible to retrace the steps of an entire city to figure out who met who? Yes — it is.


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Feeding Friendships (on buses)

25 11 2014


via popupcity

The Feeding Friendships campaign was developed by marketing agency Mark+  and is targeting the unsocial environment by placing stickers that encourage the passengers to meet the people occupying the seats right next to theirs. This “social experiment” is being conducted in Pelotas, Brazil.

Bench Diary Project

9 05 2014

Bench Diary is an experiment seeking to collect thoughts and to find out what people are willing to share anonymously when they happen upon a diary tied to a bench.  Bench Diary aims to will connect people both on small scale within cities and public places, as well as on a large scale across continents (with over 20 participating cities)

APR 21 boston public garden

Funny fake London Underground signs

22 01 2014

tumblr_mbn93hwLMy1qaju5uGenius! Many great fake and funny “priority seat” signs in the London Underground

See all via Prosign> http://prosign.tumblr.com/post/33766157596/someone-has-made-fake-london-underground-signs-and

Squats for free Moscow transit

13 11 2013

As part of its campaign to promote the upcoming Winter Olympic Games, which opens in February 2014, and promote a healthier lifestyle, city officials are offering free subway rides in exchange for 30 squats. A single ride costs 30 rubles, thus the 30 squats.

To get their free tickets, passengers have two minutes to do the squats in front of a vending machine designed to count the squats. The special machine bears the Olympics logo and is placed next to the standard electronic vending machines at the subway station.