Chalked Edition for Art @ the Park

26 04 2013



A conversation sparked this impromptu edition of “priority seating”,  at the bench of Alice and Albert St (Botanic Gardens).  21th April 2013 while at Art @ the Park  



BMW Guggenheim Lab

8 09 2012

I’m excited to be picked as part of the “City Forward” project!

Via press release –

This summer, GOOD and the BMW Guggenheim Lab launched a worldwide, online call for imaginative and unconventional ways to improve urban comfort. As part of the collaborative City Forward initiative, members of the public were invited to propose changes to a public space of their choice, taking into consideration the community, environment, architecture, landscape, and other elements that would shape the experience.

Curator Maria Nicanor has now selected the five top ideas listed here from the total of one hundred twenty submissions that came in from twenty-one countries. Each of the five will be featured on the GOOD and BMW Guggenheim Lab websites, social media channels, and in the Lab’s e-newsletter. In addition, the BMW Guggenheim Lab will work with each of the selected designers to further explore their idea.

“The goal of the BMW Guggenheim Lab is to explore and inspire forward-thinking ideas for urban life,” says Nicanor. “We are thrilled by the response we received to the City Forward initiative from citizens around the world. The selected ideas were chosen for their originality, resourcefulness, and potential, and we are interested to see what might happen next.”

Yen Trinh, Brisbane
Conversations in public spaces present endless possibilities to build connections, create community, and make life more interesting. This submission suggests displaying signs designating “priority seating for people who want conversation” in trains, buses, and other modes of public transportation to foster a culture of friendliness.

Lighting WOW: via MOB

30 03 2011

I never got a chance to see this back lit – looks amazing at night! Photos via Museum of Brisbane

Artwork Closes.

10 03 2011

This artwork officially closes at RBH this week, but this project remains “open” here. 

I haven’t had the guts or time to implement certain parts of the project fully (namely the conversation starting at RBH), but overall I’m happy for the experience and have enjoyed some of the unexpected discoveries I have made along the way.   It was challenging at times in many ways.  On a personal note, this project confronted me with my own introvertedness, and the times in my life when I have held back speaking up.  

At the end, I’m not sure how many conversations it really started.  But as an art work that might not be the point or measure of success.  I hope if nothing else, it make someone laugh or sparked a thought from someone.

Thanks to those who have supported me and this project. 

I find ideas tend to stick around in my head, and I’m sure version 3.0 of this idea might pop back up sometime, somewhere.

Repost: on rb.trends

4 03 2011

Repost: Conversation Starter on rb.trends

I especially enjoy Richard’s other blogs that show interfaces with technology and urban places, such as the “WhatWasThere map” that lets users add historical information to maps.

Repost: by Ivanna Mazza

4 03 2011

Thanks for repost.

RBH Platform until August 2012

4 03 2011

When commissioned for this work, I’d been unsure what would happen after this season (namely if Translink would hand it back over to advertising revenue) . But in good news, it looks like Platform will be running until 2012. Awesome.